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RIP Darwyn Cooke

This is the worst. Darwyn Cooke is gone. 

The artist and writer, whose work was somehow nostalgic and innovative at the same time, has passed away after a battle with cancer.

Cooke wrote and drew comics and covers for characters like Catwoman and the Spirit, but my favorite of his work was “New Frontier,” his “retelling” of the origin of the Justice League in the 1940s and 1950s. 

He was a huge talent and is greatly missed.


Red Tornado, is that you?

So this is different. 

This fall’s “Supergirl” TV series is introducing several comic book characters, including the at-times enigmatic android Red Tornado.

That’s him above, as seen in a photo released this week. 

I dunno. I’m more accustomed to the way the character – at least the Silver Age version – looks.

I’m missing the yellow arrow. But I guess we’ll see.

New: Diggle’s suit for ‘Arrow’

Just released by the CW, a look at the helmet that Diggle, part of Team Arrow from “Arrow,” will wear this season.

The helmet makes me think of Magneto. And it looks like it would get knocked off easily.

There’s a danger in trying to turn a character created for a TV series into a comic hero.

Of course it worked for Harley Quinn, created for the Batman animated series.