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‘Captain America: Civil War’

Hell yeah.


The ‘Civil War’ Super Bowl trailer


Game over.

Geeks can go to bed early. Here’s the Super Bowl 50 trailer for “Captain America: Civil War.”


Man do thinks look dire – no more so than when Tony narrowly avoids a bullet in the head, courtesy Winter Soldier, by quickly covering his hand in a gauntlet.

The movie asks us to pick a side: Team Cap or Team Iron Man.

I can’t do it. Can you?

The movie opens May 6.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ – pick a side

capcivilwarfaceoffMore-likely-than-not pre-production art for “Captain America: Civil War” hit the web today.

We know that the star-studded movie, due for spring release, pits teams headed by Cap and Iron Man against each other.

Although I bet we’ll see some allegiances change during the movie, the initial lineups are pretty interesting.


Here’s Cap’s team. Hawkeye, Sharon Carter, Falcon (with Redwing above!) and Winter Soldier.


And here’s Tony Stark’s team. War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther and Vision.

In the shot of Cap’s team, did you notice Ant-Man on Hawkeye’s shoulder?


That means we’ve got to see this.

Marvel wouldn’t tease that and leave us hanging, would they?