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Life of a weather obsessive

weather flag

It’s hard being a weather obsessive these days.

Oh sure, there are more ways than ever to check the current weather and the forecast. There’s more radar, both past, present and future. There are more ways to see it all, from TVs to computers to phones.

So why is this weather obsessive so dissatisfied?

It’s because the pure heart of weather – current conditions and forecast – are buried beneath a top of distractions and other reductive irrelevancies.

The Weather Channel iPhone app is still okay, but the Weather Channel itself I wrote off long ago when it stopped doing forecasts and updates “on the eights” every 10 minutes. First it relegated those updates to a small portion of the screen. Then it bumped them altogether for hours each day for inane shows about prospectors and outdoor adventurers. Weather Channel, you lost me when you tried to be something other than the place where I could find the forecast every few minutes.

The last straw might have occurred in recent weeks when I noticed that the Weather Channel page that I had bookmarked on my computer had omitted radar. Really, what’s the point of looking up current conditions or the forecast if you can’t see the radar?

weather rays

Of course, I turned to the Weather Channel in the first place because local TV weather reports were so inadequate, and they remain so. After spending several minutes on some silly story and what’s “trending” online right now – useless info to anyone who actually goes online and sees what’s trending on Twitter or Facebook – the weather people rush through a forecast that spends as much time on current conditions as it does on what we can expect next. Seriously, I don’t need to know what the temperature is right now someplace else.

So we weather obsessives are forced to mix and match our weather checking to get a true picture of what’s happening and what’s to come. I’ll look at radar on my phone. I’ll check out the radar channel on TV to see the live radar but I’m wary of the forecast on those channels, which is hours old. I’ll watch a TV weather person occasionally when I want a forecast that might, just might, take into account changes in the past few hours.

That’s assuming the weather people will acknowledge changes in their “storyline” intended to keep people tuned in.

It’s not easy being a weather obsessive.