Looked at life from both hands now …

A month or so with a broken hand gives you some perspective about the challenges of a disability.

I’m blessed compared to all those people with permanent disabilities and even those with longer-lasting but still temporary disadvantages. 

But aside from ultra-personal issues like not being able to tie my own shoes, I’ve noticed many public obstacles for the disabled. And I’m only noting hand-related challenges here. Entire blogs and books – and laws – have been written about the challenges to mobility that a simple bad sidewalk can pose.

The paper towel dispenser above, in a public restroom, is one. It’s nearly impossible to use with one hand.

How about door handles? The Americans with Disabilities Act has addressed that quandary in many public buildings, but not all.

How about the simple PC keyboard, requiring the control-alt-delete combination to start or unlock? It’s only one reason I love my Mac.

Anything that requires two hands – or even one hand and a finger of the other hand – is harder.

I would strongly recommend against breaking a hand. But I would recommend that the next time you try a simple two-handed task, try it with one hand. It’s an eye-opening experience.

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