‘Fear the Walking Dead’ so far, so good

We all have George Lucas to blame, I think, for the number of prequels in pop culture right now.

But I’m willing to stick with AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead.” 

The series, which follows a couple of families in Los Angeles in the early days of the zombie apocalypse we know well from “The Walking Dead,” is in the right mode so far. Everybody is still wondering what’s going on as people start attacking each other. Chaos is beginning to build but society still seems salvageable.

Even though we know it’s not.

I’m enjoying the depiction of the breakdown of everyday life. 

We’re getting a look at the period when Rick was in a coma in the original series.

I like the characters with the exception of the addict son. And I’m sure he won’t be eaten. 

I remain weary and wary of the show’s treatment of black characters.

But I’ll keep watching for now.


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