Looking for my iPhone pictures? Here’s where they are

keith instagram

Longtime readers of this blog know that I used to post iPhone photos I’d taken here.

I haven’t done that a lot lately and Instagram is to blame!

Actually, I just think Instagram – the photo sharing and filtering app – is a better forum for iPhone photos. I still post some photos here occasionally – the sky and cloud photos with my recent post about being a weather obsessive were photos that I had taken – but Instagram is the place to go to find the best phone photography. Even from me.

It’s strange to say that, because I was pretty skeptical of Instagram at first. Its a photo filtering app, right? Who cares about that?

Well, it is true that the novelty of being able to make your photos sepia-toned wears off pretty quickly. But Instagram is photo sharing in a very pure form. It’s just your photos and a couple of words or sentences of info and feedback from readers.

You can find my Instagram page online at instagram.com/keithroysdon but I’d encourage anyone who likes taking and seeing good photos to get the app and enjoy it that way. Just as with Twitter, if you’re uncertain about who to follow, take a look at who I follow. It’s a mixture of Indiana folks and people all around the world who have something to contribute, phone-photo-wise.



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