Clone dance party: ‘Orphan Black’ closes season on a high note

orphan black clone dance party

If you’re like me, you couldn’t fully enjoy the clone dance party that broke out near the end of the second season finale of “Orphan Black.”

I was on edge during the otherwise sweet, joyous outpouring of sisterly togetherness by Sarah, Allison, Cosima and even “seestra Helena” because I thought something horrible would happen.

And – spoilers here – no mistake, there were some dramatic twists here that followed even the dance party. Helena left Felix’s apartment and got kidnapped. And Sarah met with a new potential ally (played by Michelle Forbes) who revealed that while female clones were the goal of Dyad, the shadowy corporation that’s been dogging the Clone Club, male clones – specifically for soldiering – were the product of an offshoot organization.

Sarah even met one of the male clones, an appropriately looney-looking variation on Mark, the young man from the creepy religious sect that had earlier kidnapped Helena.

Before those twists – which we’ll have to wait until next year to see elaborated upon – there was plenty to like. With help from her friends and clones, Sarah managed to escape from Dyad and take her daughter, Kira, with her. In the process, the clones left proto-clone Rachel with a grievous injury.

If you don’t watch the show, all this must seem horribly complicated. And I guess the story is pretty twisty. But if you’re thinking about catching up before the third season starts next year – and I can’t recommend this too highly, because it’s a really good show – you only need to know a few things to prompt you to seek out those episodes:

There are more clones every few episodes, and this is a good thing. The story is fun and full of twists. And it gives star Tatiana Maslany a chance to act with – and dance with – herself, several times over, seamlessly integrated into the same scene.

Maslany is wonderful but the whole cast is great, especially Jordan Gavaris as Felix, Sarah’s non-clone brother.

But the show never feels bogged down in its over-arching mystery. Little revelations are seeded along the way, but the episodes have an urgency and immediacy like the best episodic TV.

The producers of the BBC America show aren’t afraid to be dramatic but also have fun, wowing us with surprises like the transgender clone, also played by Maslany, who showed up a few episodes ago.

Most of all, “Orphan Black” is fun. There’s action and suspense and out-there science fiction and great performances. And, best of all, real heartfelt human character drama.



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