Comic book odd: Everybody loves Lois Lane

Lois_Lane_29 kissing

Holy Moly, Miss Lane!

Here’s another in our series of odd and inappropriate comic book moments.

This one is the cover of issue 29 of “Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane,” from November 1961, and as you can see, Lois is locking lips with all of Superman’s one-time buds in the Justice League. Well, except for Wonder Woman. The world wasn’t ready for that.

The art is by Curt Swan, a classic “Superman” artist.

And what’s the story behind this cover?

According to the DC Comics Database:

Aliens capture Superman in a Kryptonite trap, and Lois Lane smuggles Red Kryptonite to him by kissing Aquaman, Batman, and Green Arrow with Red K-imprinted lipstick. The heroes smear the lipstick from their face to handkerchiefs, which Batman takes to Superman. The Man of Steel smears himself with the Red K, which makes him impervious to Kryptonite poisoning, and allows him to recover and defeat the aliens.

Well, that explains everything, huh?

Okay, which of the superheroes on the make came up with this convoluted plan?


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