70s movie posters: ‘Electra Glide in Blue’

electraglide in blue poster

Here’s the latest in our ongoing series about 1970s movie posters.

If you remember, I started throwing a few classic 1970s movie posters out there after the inspiration of the 1970s-style poster for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

I maintain that some of the best movie posters of all time were produced to help market 1970s movies, including drive-in movies.

I still vividly remember seeing “Electra Glide in Blue” at a drive-in movie theater in 1973 with one of my older brothers.

Robert Blake was yet to achieve fame and notoriety as the star of TV’s “Baretta” – not to mention his late-in-life suspicion of murdering his significant other.

Here, Blake – small of stature but always a cocky bastard – plays a motorcycle cop drawn into a murder mystery.

All the early 70s movie touchstones are here, including rock music, “fuzz” vs “hippies,” and a twist ending.

It’s worth a look, and so is the poster.


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