‘Arrow,’ ‘Agents of SHIELD’ set the stage

Agents of SHIELD - beginning of the end

I’m not sure anybody could have guessed just a couple of years ago that Marvel and DC would be represented on our TV screens weekly by two top-notch dramas.

Yet here we are.

“Arrow” and “Agents of SHIELD” had strong next-to-last episodes this week and look to have some high-stakes finales next week.

What we know and what we can guess about each, including who might die:

Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury – now sporting shades, as we saw at the end of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” – appears in some manner on “SHIELD” next Tuesday in the finale, “The Beginning of the End.” There’s a quick shot of new-look Fury in the promos.

What else might happen? We’ll see some sort of showdown between Coulson’s ex-SHIELD team and Hydra operatives Garrett and Ward.

And I bet we’ll find out at least something about the true nature of Skye, particularly after the comments about how here parents were – literally – monsters in this week’s episode.

Who will die? Garrett I think, although I hate to see Bill Paxton go.

arrow-season finale unthinkable

On “Arrow,” the second-season finale, titled “Unthinkable,” will feature Team Arrow against Slade Wilson’s little army of Deathstroke clones. The League of Assassins (League of Shadows) returns to help Black Canary.

Who will die? I hate the thought of this, but I think Caity Lotz’ Canary will die. She’s considered herself unredeemable for a few episodes but this week saved a child from a burning building and was hailed as a true hero.

You know what that means.


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