Cosplay at Indy Comic Con

four in costume

I’ve noted here, more than once, that I don’t attend a lot of comic and sci-fi conventions anymore. I had a lot more time for it when I was younger. Friends and I traveled around the Midwest, from Indy to Chicago to Columbus and points in between, attending Star Trek, Doctor Who, sci-fi and comic cons.

In more recent decades my friend Andy and I attended the Star Wars Celebrations, which started out as once-every-three-year cons that coincided with release of the “Star Wars” prequels.

So this weekend’s Indiana Comic Con seems smaller in scale than most of those cons but still fun.

One element of cons that’s greatly increased since I was regularly attending cons is the amount of cosplay, or elaborate costumes patterned after popular or enduring characters from movies, TV, fiction and games.

So while my favorite thing about attending Indy Comic Con yesterday was going with my son – a Star Wars Celebration veteran from when he was a pre-schooler – was seeing some creative costume work.

Here’s a sampling:


The best Catwoman I saw.


A good Bane. Man, this costume would be warm.



joker harley

Lots of good Batman-related cosplay here.

natasha hallway

A very good Natasha/Black Widow.

natasha artist

And here’s a variation on Black Widow, worn by artist Alexandria Monik.

More thoughts and photos from the convention to come.


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