Comic book odd: Super cousins, super made for each other?

Action_Comics_289 supergirl

Back with our occasional look at odd moments in comic books.

It’s easy to forget how crazy much of DC’s Silver Age was. Batman was fighting space monsters, Lois Lane was scheming to discover Superman’s identity – and marry him – and Superman was constantly falling in love with mermaids and the like.

Or getting fixed up, like in Action Comics 289, which came out in June 1962.

In a plot that could be adapted as a Kate Hudson romantic comedy, Supergirl, worried about her cousin Superman’s loneliness, keeps trying to fix him up. Potential mates include Helen of Troy and members of the far-future Legion of Superheroes.

Ultimately, Supergirl finds a perfect match for her cousin. And what the hey – she looks just like a slightly-older Supergirl!

Some feverish dreaming going on there, among fans and in the DC editorial offices.


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