Paul Bettany as the Vision? Perfect

paul bettany

The Hollywood Reporter is going with the story – and a million websites are echoing – the news that Paul Bettany is reportedly going to play the Vision in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the “Avengers” sequel director Joss Whedon is making for 2015 release.

If that’s true, it’s perfect and makes perfect sense.

john buscema and roy thomas. the avengers 58 the vision

In the comics, the Vision was, in a way, the indirect creation of Hank Pym, the super-scientist whose secret identity was the shape-changing Ant-Man.

But Marvel put comic book fans on notice at Comic Con last year when it showed a preview for “Age of Ultron” that – by depicting Iron Man’s mask hammered into the fearsome visage of Ultron – indicated Tony Stark was Ultron’s father.

In the comics, Pym’s creation, Ultron, the megalomaniacal android, created the Vision to help him destroy the Avengers after Pym, his father figure, rejected him and proved flawed.

Making Ultron a creation of Tony Stark streamlines events for the Marvel cinematic universe. Not to mention that Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man” – with Michael Douglas as Pym and Paul Rudd as Ant-Man successor Scott Lang – hasn’t even made its way into the movie universe continuity yet.

So if you’re going to make Ultron – and Vision – part of the Tony Stark lineage, what makes more sense than having Bettany, who has been doing the voice of Jarvis, Stark’s artificial intelligence “butler” since 2008’s “Iron Man,” portray the in-the-flesh-more-or-less personification of Vision.

It all makes sense, and Bettany has the kind of cool that would be perfect for playing the android.


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