Screen Caps: Shots from ‘Winter Soldier’ trailer

CAP falcon close

Last night’s Super Bowl had at least one highlight: A new trailer for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

I’m hoping that, when the movie opens in April, we’ll all get just what we’re expecting: A smart and action-filled political thriller that pits Cap against dark forces that want to control super-spy agency SHIELD.

Not to mention his one-on-one bouts with the Winter Soldier, who comic book fans will know is the reincarnated and improved – into a killing machine – version of his old sidekick Bucky Barnes.

The images in the trailer continue to be among my favorite from any Marvel movie. It just feels like directors Anthony and Joe Russo have totally hit their marks.

There’s a lot of focus in the trailer on Cap’s former, current and future partners: Bucky/the Winter Soldier, Black Widow and Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon.

CAP winter soldier hands

Bucky Barnes realizing he’s been turned into the Winter Soldier, a Russian assassin.

CAP winter soldier chair

The Winter Soldier process, apparently.

CAP winter soldier close

Not the face of an ally. Yet.

CAP fury after crash

Nick Fury after the Winter Soldier tries to kill him.

CAP body on table

Who’s the body on the table? Who would Natasha be mourning? Surely it can’t be fury. SHIELD agent Hill is out in the hallway. Who’s dead?

CAP SHIELD helicarrier crash

Not a good day to be in the SHIELD helicarrier. Or in SHIELD headquarters.

CAP falcon shooting

Sam Wilson gets in on the action.

CAP falcon running

Cap and the Falcon, reporting for duty.

CAP sharon carter

We even get a look – in the UK trailer, at least – of whom we suspect to be Sharon Carter, SHIELD agent and (likely) granddaughter of Agent Carter, Cap’s old flame.

I can’t wait for this movie.



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