Whatever happened to Claire Forlani?

claire forlani scotch whisky ad

A while back I wondered this aloud, if you can do such a thing on a Twitter account:

  1. Why wasn’t Claire Forlani a bigger deal?

claire forlani meet joe black

I thought the British actress was beautiful in “Meet Joe Black” and several other films and wondered what happened to her, besides marrying almost-Wolverine Dougray Scott.

Now I know. Forlani is the striking woman with the impenetrable Scottish accent in the Dewar’s Scotch whisky commercials.

And she apparently still corners the world’s market on cheekbones.



One thought on “Whatever happened to Claire Forlani?

  1. Jonathan Breslaw

    She was amazing in that film. The love scene by the pool was simply the best. Her facial expression was just so beautiful and erotic.
    She is a joy to watch on camera.


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