What we want from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’


We’ve seen a little bit of director James Gunn’s 2014 Marvel outing “Guardians of the Galaxy,” so we kind of know what to expect.

Granted, we haven’t seen much. Just a half-minute of footage released at Comic Con last year – it’s subsequently popped up online – and a minute of Gunn-directed footage in the middle of the credits of “Thor: The Dark World.”

Yes, the “Thor” footage isn’t from “GOTG.” But Gunn directed it and it features Benecio Del Toro as a “GOTG” character, the Collector. And yes, he’s acting weird. It is Del Toro, and it is a Gunn-directed performance.

So based on what we’ve seen so far and what we hope, what do we want to see next summer?

guardians movie concept art

Action. Based on the Comic Con preview, I don’t think we have to worry about this. The 30 seconds of footage I’ve seen has a ton of fighting and shooting and other good stuff.

Humor, but not too much. All the Marvel movies have their share of humor. The way Gunn is approaching “GOTG,” it looks like it might be the funniest of all the Marvel movies so far. But Gunn has, based on “Slither,” the ability to summon up the dramatic and horrific as well as the funny.

A little bit of weird, but not too much. Okay, so you’ve got Rocket Raccoon, a hard-bitten … raccoon who is an incredible fighter, and you’ve got Groot, an alien that looks like a tree that says only, “I am Groot!” Gunn has to be careful to not push the rest of the movie over the line into total weirdness. I’m a little worried about how Del Toro will come off, but he’s not a central character.

Thanos. We know the Mad Titan is likely to be the Big Bad in “Avengers 3.” But he’s a Guardians antagonist and Gamora, the Zoe Saldana character in “GOTG,” has ties to Thanos. So how about a little Thanos action in “GOTG?”

Ties to the Marvel Universe we know. Considering much of the story is apparently set in another corner of the galaxy, it’s hard to imagine Captain America popping in. But …

iron man in guardians of the galaxy

Iron Man! Tony Stark’s armored avenger is a member of some incarnations of the Guardians in some comics. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Robert Downey Jr. interact with Rocket Raccoon?

And it would be good preparation for “Avengers 3,” when I think all of these colorful characters are going to be all together for a cosmic blowout.



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