Today in Halloween: Haunted house shock shot

nightmares fear factory

There’s something about going through a haunted house. Like a good horror movie, it’s scary and fun and gives us a release.

It’s also pretty darn funny when you see pics of other people inside the place.

The past couple of years, photos of people looking incredibly scared from the Nightmares Fear Factory haunted house in Niagara Falls have been all over the Internet. I posted about them last year.

I’ve wondered what the people in the photos are looking at, though. I did a Google search and found what I think is the answer.

Spoiler alert if you’re planning on visiting, okay?

Apparently the thing frightening people in all the photos is … an illusion that makes it appear they’re going to be hit by a car.

Not a monster, zombie, even zombie baby (since many seem to be looking down). But realistic-looking car headlights.

So now you know.

I don’t think that diminishes the enjoyment we all feel in looking at these people being scared out of their minds, though, does it?

Here’s the attraction’s website.


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