‘Winter Solider’ teaser trailer is … awesome

cap and winter soldier

I think maybe interest in the new teaser trailer for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” broke iTunes today.

At any rate, the trailer didn’t play on the iTunes site for nearly an hour after its scheduled noon release.

It’s working now, however, but here are some highlights:

redford DC

Plenty of Robert Redford, looking great as the head of SHIELD. Yes, even above Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury.

cap worried

Cap (Chris Evans) looking worried, and rightly so.

cap nick fury

Cap and Nick Fury.

cap elevator

Cap’s got to watch his back.

helicarrier crashing

SHIELD’s helicarrier has its own problems.

the falcon

Cap’s got trusted allies, including Sam Wilson, AKA The Falcon.

black widow shooting

And Natasha, The Black Widow.

winter soldier vehicle

An old ally returns as The Winter Soldier.

cap winter soldier fight

Which leads to conflict with Cap.

winter soldier catching shield

And an ultimate showdown?

Here’s the trailer.

I can’t wait for April 4.


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