75th anniversary: Superman’s history in 2 minutes

superman 75th anniversary film shot 1

Well, this is kind of wonderful.

To mark the ongoing celebration of Superman’s 75th anniversary – it was 1938 when Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s superhero debuted – the people at DC Comics got DC animated universe mastermind Bruce Timm and “Man of Steel” director Zach Snyder to collaborate on a two-minute history of the character.

The look of Superman changes throughout, from the original design of the Man of Steel to the Fleischer animated shorts to faithful cartoon renditions of live-action Supermen like George Reeves and Christopher Reeve.

Some of the great characters and storylines – Bizarro, the death of Superman – are here too, as are many of the great artists.

superman 75th anniversary film family

And this just makes me smile.

See the video here at Entertainment Weekly.


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