Today in Halloween: Cute lil Darth Vader

ben cooper darth vader

Who’s a cute Little Darth Vader? Who is? You are!

If you were the appropriate age to wear Ben Cooper Halloween costumes in 1980, and if you were a “Star Wars” fan, chances are good you wore this Darth Vader costume, offered by the company that year.

“The Empire Strikes Back” had come out that summer and Ben Cooper, the maker of half the nation’s Halloween costumes, had Darth Vader, just in time for you to tell the younger kid down the street who was dressed up like Luke Skywalker that you were his father.

Of course, the whole thing didn’t go off without a hitch.

hallow ben cooper darth vadar misspelling

Check out the spelling of Vader in the Cooper catalogue, here courtesy of

Oh well. Not like it was the most popular movie series in history or anything.


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