Loving ‘Lost’

lost cast banner

My name is Keith and I was a “Lost” fan.

I say “was” because I watched every episode of the series and – like many, many viewers – loved a lot of it at the time.

And – like many, many viewers – I was frustrated by the final episode that reassembled the Oceanic Airlines crash survivors years – in some cases – after their deaths for one final churchy hugfest.

By the wayside fell most of the mysteries, from the cryptic symbols to the puzzlers about life, time and space.

But while the show was on, it was a hell of a ride.

Rewatching the pilot lately, I was taken by how simply but effectively the show was set up. Airliner crashes on island. Survivors struggle to stay alive. Fantastic elements are introduced a few at a time.

The flashbacks to their earlier lives.

The smoke monster.

John Locke and his journey.

The Others.

“Not Penny’s boat.”

They’ve taken Walt!

Sawyer’s nicknames for the rest of the survivors.

The French woman.

Ben Linus!

The show was a victim, in equal parts, of viewers’ expectations and the producers’ failures, both magnified by intense online scrutiny that helped build excitement and anticipation.

Ultimately, “Lost” was a satisfying experience tempered by frustrating moments. The producers could never have solved all the puzzles they put in front of us. Never could have brought all those characters’ stories to satisfying conclusions.

Wish they had, though.


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