‘Thor’ trading Asgard for Fortress of Solitude?


So director Shane Black is making a Doc Savage movie, based on the pulp magazine hero, as his follow-up to “Iron Man 3.”

That’s enough to have old fans of Clark Savage pretty happy. And we already knew that.

But who could conceivably play the bred-from-birth-to-be-perfect Savage, a towering man of action and intellect?

doc savage pulp cover

It’s all over the web already, but an interviewer asked Black about “Thor” and “Avengers” and “Rush” actor Chris Hemsworth.

“Not a bad idea,” Black replied.

chris hemsworth rush doc savage

Really not a bad idea at all.

Hemsworth is already about as tall as Doc. He’s got the physique and the features. He can pull off the longish hair if Black decides to go with something other than the James Bama skullcap look for Doc.

And I think he’d be totally suitable as the prototype for later comic book characters like Superman.

It probably won’t happen … but maybe it should.


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