Comic book odd: Lois gets a Super Spanking

superman robot spanking lois

You know, I could do a whole website with odd moments from the Silver Age of comic books.

Actually, the good folks at Superman is a Dick do a wonderful job of highlighting strange covers and panels from the entire history of comics.

And the Comics Should Be Good section of Comic Book Resources does a good job with offbeat and funny moments.

That’s where I saw the panels above, from Lois Lane 14 from 1960.

“It’s almost as if Superman is punishing me for being a bad girl!” Lois says.

There’s so much to love about those panels. So many unintentionally funny lines. So … Silver Age.

Really, somebody should do a book with psychoanalysis of the writers of Silver Age comics. Or a “Mad Men”-style TV series.




One thought on “Comic book odd: Lois gets a Super Spanking

  1. redblooms

    There is so much funny stuff in Silver Age Comics. I actually have a poster of Pa Kent spanking superboy- it’s quite funny (on a side note the same writer had Pa Kent spanking Superboy in two different comics).


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