‘Avengers’ animatics, ‘Man of Steel 2’ fan teaser trailer

man of steel 2 teaser trailer logo

Ah, what might have been.

And what might still be.

Part of the fun of being a movie fan is thinking about what our favorite movies might have looked life if things had gone in a slightly different direction. Not to mention what we wish future movies might look like. So there’s a lot of talk online about a look back at an almost-was and a look ahead at what-might be.

First, some video animatics – animated storyboards, basically – that were apparently produced for “The Avengers” show how some scenes might have come out differently if they’d been filmed as originally considered.

avengers animatic w wasp

Among the big changes: Hawkeye in a more traditional costume and the presence of Janet Van Dyne as the Wasp, one of the founding members of the Avengers in comics who hasn’t made her way into the Marvel movie universe yet.

The drawings in the animatics are credited to Federico D’Alessandro and, if accurate, show not only the Wasp in an early version of the story but a scene in which Tony Stark’s Jarvis is trash-talking the other Avengers behind their backs. Some online commenters have said it’s an early indication confirming rumors Jarvis might turn into artificial intelligence villain Ultron in time for “Avengers 2,” but I think it’s more likely it’s Loki was just yanking Iron Man’s chain.

affleck man of steel 2 teaser trailer

The other fun stuff is a fan-made teaser trailer for “Man of Steel 2.” Using nicely edited clips from other movies and the TV series “Breaking Bad,” the fan trailer not only introduces Bruce Wayne (as played by Ben Affleck) and Superman/Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) to each other but shows us Superman’s Big Bad, Lex Luthor, in the person of “Breaking Bad” actor Brian Cranston.

It’s a pretty fun trailer. Cranston is an obvious choice for Luthor, of course – maybe too obvious – but the fake trailer’s creator should get hired cutting previews.



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