Great comic book covers: Avengers 57

avengers 57

Behold, a beautiful cover.

From time to time here, I’ll note some of my favorite comic books covers. They’re not necessarily the covers of milestone comic books. They’re just covers that I loved.

By default, most of the covers will be from the 1960s and 1970s, when I was actively buying, reading and collecting comics. They had their maximum impact on me back then.

I’ll start off with this one, Avengers 57, from the Marvel comic of my favorite superhero group, introducing one of my favorite characters, Vision (or the Vision, to some). The cover date was October 1968.

The android creation of homicidal robot Ultron, Vision was sent to kill the Avengers but, maybe improbably, became part of the team.

To this day, the cover by John Buscema sets the standard for comic book covers. Striking composition? Yes. Heroes in peril? Yes. Mysterious and undeniably important new character causing chaos? Yes.

I couldn’t spend my 12 cents fast enough for this one.


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