Thoughts after a week of travel

detroit airport tunnel

Not to sound like 1990s era Jerry Seinfeld, but what is the deal with travel?

If you wondered what happened to the author of this blog for more than a week: I was traveling on a family vacation that took me to the Grand Tetons National Park. More on that in a future iPhoneography entry.

After five airports in as many states in about as many days, I’ve been negligent in blogging. But I have been keeping track of some observations. So this morning, happily at my kitchen counter, I’m recalling the most memorable travel moments of the past week.

The Jackson Hole airport in Wyoming is pretty small but, like a true western chic airport, has more hydration stations for refilling water bottles than it has gates.

For an airport that sprawls over several buildings and has a tram, the Detroit airport is short on people-friendly space. There are not enough seats, leading to many instances of people sitting on the floor. And Fuddruckers in Concourse C, feel free to stop pretending you’re a real restaurant. You’re a counter where patrons can order by touchscreen and then struggle, loaded down with their luggage, to get their orders and get out.

Also, much has been made of Detroit’s oddball tunnel, with multi-colored lighted walls surrounding people-movers. It’s kind of disorienting. But hey, it has its own Facebook page: That Creepy Tunnel at the Detroit Airport.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul airport looks like a mall. Really. There are entire stretches of the airport that are recognizable as an airport only because of the occasional screen updating the status of arrivals and departures.

Here’s a good reason (although not the real reason) I didn’t update my blog in the past week: Airport wi-fi is usually slower than 3G cell coverage, which makes the free wi-fi offered in most airports a nice but mostly useless attraction.


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