Stars set for ‘Gone Girl?’


I really liked Gillian Flynn’s twisty 2012 thriller “Gone Girl,” a terrific mystery novel about what happens when a wife goes missing and suspicion falls on her husband.

For the movie version, a number of stars have been considered for the roles of the husband and wife,  but the latest news makes it sound like Ben Affleck (whose “Argo” demonstrated his directing skills but who hasn’t been thought of as just a leading man for a while) and Rosamund Pike (most recently seen as the female lead in “Jack Reacher”) were likely to be cast.

ben affleck

Affleck seems like the perfect choice for the male lead. He can easily play a husband who would seem ideal and loving at first glance but could be quite unsympathetic when needed.


And Pike could be good, I think, as the female lead, who is … well, I can’t even say. To describe the character would be to give away the plot, which has too many great turns to spoil.

David Fincher is directing.



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