Classic comic strip: ‘The Lockhorns’

lockhorns sofa

I’m kind of amazed “The Lockhorns” didn’t debut until 1968. Even when I read it as a kid – when it was still new – it felt like a comics page panel that had settled into routine decades ago.

The strip was, for those not familiar with it, about a long-married couple who plainly couldn’t stand each other. I never read a panel that gave any indication these people did anything but loathe each other. Love? It was gleefully, horribly, humorously missing from this union.

Each daily panel carried an insult. Loretta Lockhorn would criticize hubby Leroy’s drinking or his wandering eye. Leroy Lockhorn would criticize his wife’s cooking, driving, spending, etc.

Maybe it’s no surprise that this caustic comic didn’t come about until the late 1960s, though. It’s like the comics page version of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.”

Bill Hoest created the strip. It’s continued to this day by Bunny Hoest.

And Leroy and Loretta still hate each other.


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