Images from my childhood: Black light posters

jimi hendrix blacklight poster

To this day, I still remember the black light poster that hung on the back of the door to one of my cousin’s rooms: The poster, more words, than drawings, contained the lyrics to Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water.”

The years of my youth, in the 1960s and 1970s, were filled with black light images on posters.

Black light posters are still available, but I’m not sure they could possibly be as pervasive on the bedroom walls of American youth as they were back then.

In this entry, a selection of some that I remember and some that I don’t, but all are pretty damn cool.

Didn’t everybody have a Jimi Hendrix poster?

stoned agin blacklight posters

And that “Stoned Agin” poster. Holy crap. I’m not gonna say that freaked me out or anything but …

afro warrior blacklight poster

This “Afro Warrior” poster had a little too much female boobage for the PG walls of many of us. But it’s pretty amazing.


Last but not least, this cool Silver Surfer poster. Apparently a company called Third Eye did a whole series of Marvel Comics posters. I didn’t see them at the time, but they’re great.


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