New on ‘Longmire’ – Madchen Amick

madchen-amick longmire

If this blog has a mascot, it must be Madchen Amick, the actress best known for playing waitress Shelly Johnson on “Twin Peaks” in the early 1990s.

Since I reported that the still-beautiful Amick played Andrea, an old flame/continuing flirtation for Don Draper in “Mad Men” last season, I’ve gotten hundreds of visits from Amick fans.

So it’s cool to be able to note that Amick has a recurring role in “Longmire” the A&E series based on Craig Johnson’s mystery novel series about a Wyoming sheriff.

In “Longmire,” Amick plays Deena, an old flame of Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips), longtime friend of Longmire.

Amick has had only a handful of short scenes so far, but I’m ready to see more of this mysterious character.

By the way, for a show about a crusty sheriff (Robert Taylor), there are a lot of interesting women on this show. The female cast is topped by Katee Sackhoff, of course, but there’s also Cassidy Freeman as Cady, Longmire’s daughter, and Louanne Mason, who played Matt Saracen’s grandmother on “Friday Night Lights” as Ruby, the Gal Friday at the sheriff’s office.

katherine lanasa

And there’s Katherine LaNasa as Lizzie Ambrose, a zesty blonde who has her sights set on landing Longmire.

LaNasa is a regular on the show “Deception” and had a memorable role on “Justified” a couple of years ago.

Amick and LaNasa will be fun to watch this season.



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