RIP actor Steve Forrest

steve forrest dallas

Longtime TV  fans remember actor Steve Forrest as Hondo in the 1975 series “SWAT.” But I fondly remember Forrest from a later role in “Dallas.”

The 1986 season of “Dallas” was one of the oddest during the show’s original run on CBS. In the previous season, Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) was written out of the show … only to return in a season-ending cliffhanger. Bobby’s disappearance was explained as “only a dream” of Pamela.

In the season that followed, Forrest joined the cast as Southfork Ranch foreman Wes Parmalee, a grizzled good ole boy who took a liking to Miss Ellie.

In time, Ellie came to believe that Wes was actually her husband, Jock, a character written out of the show when actor Jim Davis died.

Eventually, the Ewing boys proved that Parmalee was not Jock and Parmalee confessed and wandered into the sunset.

It was a fun storyline, however, and Forrest was good in it.

Forrest died in the Los Angeles area at age 87.


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