‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ easter eggs


If you’ve seen “Star Trek Into Darkness,” you know that a lot of the plot revolves around events told, in a different manner, in an earlier “Star Trek” movie, “Wrath of Khan.”

I won’t go into that here – I touch on it in my review – but there’s more in the way of easter eggs than just those remake references.

william marshall richard daystrom

Daystrom. The meeting of Starfleet captains and admirals that’s interrupted by the attack by villain John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) is to be held, Chris Pike tells Jim Kirk, at “Daystrom,” possibly a reference to the often-referenced Daystrom Institute. Richard Daystrom, as played by William Marshall, appeared in the original series episode “The Ultimate Computer” as the inventor of the title character, which (briefly) displaces Kirk in command of the Enterprise.

harry mudd

Mudd. There’s a throw-away reference to “the Mudd Incident,” undoubtedly a reference to Harry Mudd, the galactic con artist played by Roger C. Carmel who appears in two episodes of the original series.

Tribbles. There’s a tribble – the furry, prolific fan favorite creatures from the original series – that plays an important role in the movie. They’re from the original series episode “The Trouble with Tribbles.” Although the one in the movie looked even more sluggish than you might expect an ill tribble to look.

Christine Chapel. Carol, the blonde Starfleet officer played by Alice Eve, tells Kirk he’s gained a reputation with women and cites Christine Chapel, a nurse she knew. It’s obvious Kirk bedded her and doesn’t remember her. In the original series and movies, of course, Chapel is Dr. McCoy’s nurse and is played by Majel Barrett Roddenberry, wife of “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry.

Section 31. In the later TV series, Section 31 is a top-secret division of Starfleet that handles investigations and special missions. It is name-dropped in “Into Darkness.”

There’s probably more that didn’t have to do with the new movie’s basis in “Wrath of Khan.” Spot any that I missed?


One thought on “‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ easter eggs

  1. Bernice

    I love that they brought in a Tribble and that it helped save Captain Kirk’s life! I loved the original Star Trek and especially the Tribble episode!


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