‘Agents of SHIELD’ trailer released

coulson SHIELD teaser

It’s Mother’s Day, but darned if it doesn’t look like the day has turned into “Agents of SHIELD” Day.

Today ABC and Marvel released not only a six-second preview of Joss Whedon’s new fall “SHIELD” series but also a 30-second version that not only gives us glimpses of the Hulk, Captain America and Thor but also some narration from SHIELD agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) that explains the set-up.

“We work the cases that SHIELD hasn’t classified,” Coulson notes as the trailer opens. “The strange, the unknown. It’s not just spy versus spy anymore. The whole world’s in on the action.”

j august richards SHIELD trailer

And it gives us our first look at “Angel” alum J. August Richards in a role that a lot of us are hoping is Luke Cage.

I’m also curious about the nature of the fiery figure (vision? explosion?) that Coulson calmly walks toward at one point. We can  be sure it’s not the Human Torch, right?

luke cage in SHIELD teaser

We’ll know more soon, we hope.



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