First look: ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

captain america the winter soldier

Yes, we know production has only just begun on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Yes, we know the sequel won’t hit theaters until 2014. But doggone it, we have to get excited about the first official photo from filming.

The picture appears to show actor Chris Evans, returning to play Cap for a third time, behind the scenes on the set with his shield on his back and a big SHIELD emblem on the wall.

We knew SHIELD plays a big role in the movie, with Samuel Jackson returning as Nick Fury, Scarlett Johansson returning as the Black Widow and Robert Redford (!) debuting as SHIELD officer Alexander Pierce.

What’s so good about this picture? It’s the way Chris Evans is wearing Cap’s shield. All of us growing up reading Marvel Comics saw Steve Rogers and Cap portrayed many times as wearing the shield on his back. Sometimes Steve even wore it under his street clothes, particularly under his jacket. While that seems kind of cumbersome (duh), it implied that he was as ready as Spider-Man or Superman to leap into action.

What’s not so good? Okay, I will admit to being distracted by a couple of things in this photo. Namely, the things on either side of Evans. What are those? Is that SHIELD helicarrier plumbing?

We can tell the shot is behind the scenes because of the light reflecting screens on each side of the SHIELD emblem.

But no worries. I totally trust Marvel, Evans and the directors of the sequel, Anthony and Joe Russo.

I’m ready for some Cap action and I’m counting down to April 4, 2104.


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