Images of my childhood: Paper record sleeves

paper record album sleeves

Continuing a look at the images that were part of our childhood.

If you grew up in the 1960s, you dealt with a lot of these: Paper record album sleeves.

Ostensibly meant to protect the vinyl from getting scratched – I guess; what other reason would there be to have them? – the paper sleeves were like an extra layer of stuff to get through before you got to the music.

Did you place the paper sleeve, vinyl record inside, into the record album cover with the opening to the top? If so, you have to remove both the paper sleeve and album to play the record.

Did you insert the paper sleeve with the opening on the side, to coincide with the opening in the album cover? If so, you ran the risk of your precious vinyl sliding out prematurely and hitting the floor.

That’s the kind of thing we had to worry about back then. Oh yeah, and also nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

One thought on “Images of my childhood: Paper record sleeves

  1. chandlerswainreviews

    There was also the paper sleeve with the hole in it, revealing the vinyl’s label versus the solid paper sleeve and also the paper sleeve which contained an additional “protective” layer of clear plastic.(A great deal of thought seemed to so into this “technology”.) I think a lot of the point of the sleeves was actually to protect the record jacket itself which over time could be damaged by plopping the “sharp” edge of the vinyl back into the paper edge of the jacket binding. On the other hand, I may be overthinking this.


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