New ‘Iron Man 3’ trailer w drama, armors

iron man 3 trailer tony

We’re going to have to find a new word besides “awesome” to use every time another trailer for a Marvel movie comes out.

This time it’s used in connection with the new trailer for “Iron Man 3,” out in May.

The trailer is full of good stuff:

Tony’s (maybe) PTSD following the events of “The Avengers.”

The assault on Tony’s Malibu mansion.

The rescue of Air Force One.

Iron Patriot.

Mandarin’s freaky way of speaking. This guy might be second only to Yoda in odd but entertaining phrasings.

iron man 3 trailer armor army

And lots and lots of armors. As much as it horrified me to see the original suits destroyed, the ending – in which an army of armors shows up to help Tony and Rhodey – is ultra cool.

iron man 3 trailer hulkbuster

And is that a Hulkbuster armor? Gotta be. Wonder if it will be referred to as such.

We’ll see May 3.


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