Cool Mandarin poster for ‘Iron Man 3’


So Marvel has been releasing these character posters for “Iron Man 3.”

The ones for Don Cheadle as Rhodey and Guy Pierce as a baddie are fine.

But this one … this is cool.

tales of suspense 55 mandarin

At the top here is Ben Kingsley as Mandarin. Based on a fairly typical 1960s-era “Yellow Peril” villain from the Iron Man comics, Mandarin seemed like a daunting character to pull off in a modern-day movie without being offensive or silly.

But I wonder if director Shane Black hasn’t gone and done it.

Look closely at that poster.

See the dog tags hanging over the arm of Mandarin’s chair?

He’s wearing the camo pants of a soldier but the regal robe of a king.

He’s a big lover of incense.

He sports both cool shades and a ponytail.

But most of all: The ten rings!

Just the design of this character’s look is cool.

I cannot wait until May. But I guess I have to.


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