Movie crush: Michelle Carey

michelle carey 2

Upon having seen Michelle Carey in her movie debut, “El Dorado,” the 1966 John Wayne western, who could forget her?

As Joey, younger sister to the MacDonald brothers, Carey proved she could ride and shoot with the big boys. Heck, she even shoots the Duke himself when she mistakenly believes he’s out to harm her family.

michelle carey

Decked out in buckskin, her golden hair tousled under a misshapen cowgirl hat, Carey was a sight to see.

Before making “El Dorado,” Carey appeared in a couple of TV series, including “The Man from UNCLE” and “Burke’s Law.” Afterward, she appeared in “The Wild, Wild West” and “The Name of the Game.”

She might have found her biggest audience as Bernice in “Live a Little, Love a Little,” the 1968 Elvis movie in which the King played a race car driver named Rick. Wait, that was every other Elvis movie. In this one, Elvis played a photographer named Greg.

Carey worked into the 1970s and 1980s, guest-starring in TV shows like “The Fall Guy.”

Reminder of our mortality: Carey is now 69 years old.

Here’s to that wild, wild siren, Michelle Carey.

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