RIP Robin Sachs of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

ethan buffy the vampire slayer

Here’s sad news.

Robin Sachs, the wonderfully clever Brit who played the recurring role of chaos worshipper Ethan Rayne on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” has died at age 61.

Sachs was also unrecognizable under heavy makeup as the alien baddie in “Galaxy Quest.”

Sachs was memorable in a half-dozen episodes of “Buffy” as Ethan, old friend and antagonist of Giles.

Sachs debuted as Ethan in the early episode “Halloween” as the costume shop owner, then returned in the great “Band Candy” episode and others.

He had a scene that some of us still quote. After Giles checks a crypt for suspicious characters, then leaves, Ethan pops out of the darkness with a typical movie/TV cliche, “Oh yes, old friend. Search all you want …” or something like that.

But in typical Joss Whedon fashion, Giles hears Ethan’s voice and bursts back in, prompting Ethan to yell, “Oh bugger!”

Sachs brought a sinister yet comic aura to every appearance. We’ll miss him.



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