It’s the end of the world and we feel fine


No, this isn’t another of those Mayan calendar stories a few weeks late. It’s a quick look at the trend in end of the world movies and TV.

For most of the pop culture world, “The Walking Dead” kicked off the end of the world, zombie style. The AMC series returns for the second half of its so-far gripping third season on Feb. 10.

I’m feeling pretty confident that the show will give us eight more good episodes documenting the most detailed zombie apocalypse so far.


I’m more uneasy about “World War Z,” the big-screen version of Max Brooks’ excellent episodic novel. The Brad Pitt-starring movie, due out June 21, seems to bear little resemblance to the book based only on what we’ve seen from the teaser trailer. There’s no character in the book comparable to Pitt’s government zombie apocalypse expert. The book makes readers tough out the end of the world and beyond.

“Warm Bodies” is yet another take on the zombie story with a zombie – I guess we could consider him the spiritual descendant of “Bud” the trained zombie from “Day of the Dead” – who, post apocalypse, is so enamored of a living girl that he begins to revert to human.


I’m kind of amused but skeptical about “This is The End,” the end-of-the-world comedy featuring Seth Rogen, Danny McBride and a host of young comedic actors, most of them apparently playing themselves. Judging by the trailer, this looks to be a blue end of the world.

I’m enthusiastically looking forward to Edgar Wright’s “The World’s End,” Wright’s take on an epic pub crawl featuring his regulars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Martin Freeman. I don’t know another single thing about the movie but I want to see it now.


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