The Oscars? I love ’em. But …


When the Academy Award nominations were announced this morning, I stopped what I was doing and watched a few rounds of the nominations. I didn’t study them and dissect them the way I would have for about a decade when I wrote about movies and actively saw everything I could possibly see.

Looking at the list now on the Academy’s website, I’m just a little shocked that I haven’t seen a single – not one – of the movies nominated for Best Picture.

I want to see “Lincoln” and “Zero Dark Thirty.” I’d probably enjoy “Django Unchained” and “Silver Linings Playbook.”

As I’ve noted before, I sometimes miss the days when I saw everything that came out – with the exception of a few art films that didn’t make it to a screen in my area – and I would obsess over my favorite movies’ chances.

Despite my relative ignorance of the Best. Movies. Of. The. Year. as defined by the Academy’s membership, I’ll be watching on Oscar night. I’ll enjoy the glimpses of the lesser-known categories – there’s a “Simpsons” short nominated for Best Animated Short Film? – and marvel over the outfits and hairstyles.

And, hopefully, I’ll have seen some of the movies by then. So I can, you know, judge them adequately.



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