TV crush: Sherry Jackson

sherry jackson star trek

Once you’d seen Sherry Jackson’s appearance on an episode of the original “Star Trek” series, chances are you never forgot her.

As Andrea, a startlingly human android in the 1966 episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of,” Jackson single-handedly sparked puberty for a few million young boys.

In that crazy criss-cross jumpsuit, Jackson posed a special kind of peril for Capt. Kirk. Seriously, how could he keep his mind on the problem at hand – controlling a planet-bound android inventor and his huge killer robot (played by Ted Cassidy of “The Addams Family”) when Jackson was there, looking … really not at all robotic?

sherry jackson and ted cassidy

Jackson, who is now 70 (!), was a regular on 1950s TV in “The Danny Thomas Show.” By the 1960s she was all grown up, a point driven home by her “Star Trek” appearance and a series of movies she made in the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, Jackson is immortalized not only on home video and online but through a website,, that offers up not only video clips but autographed photos.

Here’s to the lovely Ms. Jackson.



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