First look at Tyreese in ‘The Walking Dead’

The first seven episodes of the third season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” have blown past us at an alarmingly fast rate – especially when compared to the second season on Hershel’s farm.

So it’s startling that we’re already approaching the mid-season finale, this Sunday, when “Made to Suffer” airs.

I’ll be looking forward to this one for a number of reasons, including the first appearance for Tyreese, a fan favorite character from the comics who’ll be played by Chad Coleman on the series.

Above is a screen grab from a Spanish-language trailer that purports to show Tyreese and a small group of survivors walking into what appears to be a demolished facility.

Here’s some questions we want to know:

What’s up with Tyreese and the other survivors? We know from the comics that Tyreese soon becomes a staunch ally of Rick. But it almost looks like they enter the prison after it’s been demolished and deserted.

If that’s the prison, what happened to it? We can’t forget that the Governor stole some National Guard equipment from an armory earlier in the season. Does he use it to attack the prison, which he had apparently considered impossible to clear of walkers?

What happens when Michonne takes the bag off the Governor’s walker daughter?

What happens when Merle and Daryl are reunited? Will they clash? Will they make peace?

What happens in the second half of the season, which begins early next year? Is the prison rubble? Will the Governor’s town of Woodbury survive? Will our heroes find themselves on the road again?

We’ll know some of those answers, maybe, this Sunday.


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