‘Evil Dead’ remake: Trailer is released


Yes, Sam Raimi’s horror classic “The Evil Dead” is getting remade. Raimi, who more recently graduated to the likes of the (also recently rebooted) “Spider-Man” movies, is producing the remake, which comes out in April 2013.

Some observations on the “red band” – or age restricted – trailer:

Yes, yes, we all know that the original “Evil Dead” preceded “Cabin in the Woods” by about three decades. But I can’t get over how much this trailer reminds me of the horror movie set-up – certainly not the behind-the-scenes story – of “Cabin.”

First … there’s a cabin in the woods. Yes, I know. Right out of the original “Evil Dead.”

But there’s the whole “Don’t go into the basement” and “Don’t touch anything from the basement” deal. Again, I know what was below the trap door was part of the original movie. But still. It just conjures up memories. Just saying’.

Not surprisingly, this is one gory movie. Any movie that features a tongue-splitting is gory.


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