Questions about the ‘Iron Man 3’ trailer

So the teaser trailer for “Iron Man 3” came out today and the Interwebs got mighty, mighty excited.

We see Tony Stark in action. We see some sinister doings by Iron Man suits. We see beloved gal pal Pepper Potts having a bad day.

We see Tony Stark himself having a very bad day. Besides getting the heck blown out of his Malibu digs, Tony obviously takes a beating himself.

We get our first look at the Mandarin, the longtime Iron Man foe played in the movie by Ben Kingsley. We even get a look at his rings.

A few big questions come to mind.

What’s up with the kinda sorta Captain America shield tattooed on the neck of the Mandarin? We’re assuming that’s the Mandarin since we saw Kingsley sporting a hirsute look not unlike the wearer of this tat, which has an “A” in the middle to differentiate it from Cap’s shield.

Is Tony suffering from post traumatic stress disorder? He mentions the battle of New York – as depicted in “The Avengers” – and indicates he’s still troubled.

What’s happening with Happy Hogan? The quick glimpse we set of Jon Favreau’s character looks pretty dire.

Who’s in the Iron Man suit that’s menacing Pepper and Tony? Or is that one of the rumored remote-control suits Tony supposedly creates for the movie?

What the heck happens that destroys all those earlier Iron Man suits?

What’s Tony doing out in the snow?

Director Shane Black’s movie reportedly isolates Tony and gives him huge obstacles and challenges to overcome. The trailer sure makes it look like that’s the case.

Here’s looking forward to May.





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