What ‘Today’ is it? ‘Thoiseday’

A friend introduced me to a series of short films that David Letterman airs on Thursdays on his “Late Show” program. They’re for “Weekend Late Show” and they purport to show what the perky hosts – Bruce and Linda – who host Letterman’s show on the weekends have planned for the days Dave’s off.

The “Weekend Late Show” spots are spoofs, of course. There’s no such show airing on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays or whenever they’re supposed to air.

As spoofs, they’re quite clever. The “hosts,” sitting at Dave’s desk but playing second fiddle to a decorative centerpiece and (often) goofy headgear, tout upcoming segments on National Noodle Month or an interview with former “Dick Van Dyke” show regular Morey Amsterdam’s nephew, who’s written a book.

The spots capture, in canny fashion, the inane stories, packaging and delivery of morning shows in general, not just weekend morning shows.

As a regular viewer of NBC’s “Today” who finds himself puzzled or irritated by the morning show’s fixations – the British Royals, for example, or pretty young white women in peril – I appreciated the “Late Show” spoofs. And if the limited amount of “Today” I see each morning doesn’t have quite as many cooking segments as the spoofs would imply, the Letterman spots are still pretty much on the money.

By the way, on Roger Ebert’s blog, Tom Shales takes a few well-deserved pokes at the morning shows, especially “Good Morning America.” It’s nicely curmudgeonly stuff.


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