iPhoneography: More Halloween stuff

Not to sound like the earworm jingle from “Halloween 3: Season of the Witch” here, but the days are quickly counting down to Halloween.

That means it’s time for another set of iPhone photos of cool Halloween costumes and decor.

How much do we love zombies? While you’re counting down an even fewer number of days until the return of “The Walking Dead” on Oct. 14, how about some seasonal road decor like that warning sign above?

And we all know that leggings are popular with the kids. (Or were they popular three years ago?) Anyway, who knew that they were popular with zombies too?

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason for zombies to wear leggings. Or tights.

(Cricket noise.)

Here’s a sure-fire accessory for your Halloween practical joking needs. Just place a Bloody Hand with Sleeve so it’s sticking out of the trunk of your car and you’re all set to amuse and horrify your friends and random motorists.

Next time I’ll show you the same company’s spin-off product, Bloody Nose with Handkerchief.

You know what freaks me out about this costume? It’s for a kid. Imagine seeing this coming at you down your hallway.

Time for some decor. I like this black cat. Here’s a reminder: Keep your kitties indoors during Halloween season.

I like these little skulls. They’re nicely creepy.

I’ll leave you with some costume accessories that are more amusing than scary. This bottle hidden in a Bible won’t offend anyone, I’m sure.

Nor will this Sarah Palin costume. Fully authorized, I’m sure.

More next time!


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