‘Metal Men’ movie in the works?

Here’s one for the true geeks: How’d you like to see a “Metal Men” movie?

If you don’t remember the Metal Men, they were among the out-the-ordinary heroes of DC Comics in the Silver Age. In the 1960s, besides stalwarts like Superman and Batman, DC featured offbeat comics about oddball characters like the Doom Patrol and the Metal Men.

What was so odd about the Metal Men?

They were robots, named after elements like Gold, Iron, Mercury and Platinum, and had been created by a DC comics scientist, Will Magnus (from the Magnus: Robot Fighter comics).

Each of the Metal Men had not only the physical characteristics of their namesake metal but also, in weird ways, emotional characteristics. So Iron was not only heavy and durable but a pugnacious tough guy. Tin was skinny and pliable. Gold was sturdy and flexible.

Platinum was the only “female” member of the group. Not only was she called “Tina” but she had a crush on Magnus.

The comics helped some of us prepare for future chemistry lessons. Maybe more than our textbooks did.

News broke today on the Interwebs that “Men in Black” director Barry Sonnenfeld, who previously been rumored to be planning a 1960s-era DC Comics movie, was working on a “Metal Men” flick.

Considering that DC and Warner Bros have been struggling to get a “Superman” movie off the ground and hope to succeed with next year’s “Man of Steel,” and remembering the debacle that last year’s “Green Lantern” turned out to be, “Metal Men” might seem to be an odd choice. The characters aren’t first- or second-tier heroes. Maybe not even third tier.

But Sonnenfeld, if the rumors are true, must be pursuing the movie as something of a labor of love. So who knows? “Metal Men” might beat the Justice League onto the big screen and it might be far and away better than some of DC’s misfires.



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