Merle’s back on ‘The Walking Dead’ — let’s give him a big hand!

Say, that guy in the truck looks awfully familiar.

A couple of websites, including The Walking Dead News, posted this photo today of actor Michael Rooker as Merle from the set of the third season of “The Walking Dead.”

(Ah, the interwebs. We love you.)

Last time we saw Rooker as Merle he was preparing to chop off his own hand to escape walkers after being left stranded by the good guys on an Atlanta rooftop in the first season of “The Walking Dead.” That’s if you don’t count his appearance in his brother Daryl’s fever dream in the second season.

Fans of the show have been waiting for Merle’s return ever since, so today’s photo is good news for the upcoming third season, which begins in October.

A couple of other notes from the photo:

Merle’s got a new toy. Check out the spot where Merle’s hand used to be. It’s a sword, or a hook, or a machete. Something pointy, anyway. Good for killing zombies. Or whatever.

Is that the Governor’s truck? A couple of websites theorized that Merle is working for the Governor (David Morrisey), the Big Bad for the upcoming season.

Same truck?

We’ll see sooner or later.


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