iPhoneography: Cammack, Indiana

The town of Cammack was typical of many Indiana towns of its size. Life once revolved around a bustling rail line and grain elevator that served farmers in the area. A small downtown catered to the needs of farm families.

While the town has changed, time — and redevelopment — have been kinder to Cammack, in Delaware County west of Muncie, than many other towns.

While the grain elevator has fallen into ruin and the only rail line through the town carries freight trains that no longer stop, Cammack’s population hasn’t deserted the community. A good percentage of the relatively small population remains. A handful of businesses still operate and the American Legion post is still busy.

And recent efforts by developers to build new but historically accurate housing in the town have resulted in some beautiful houses.

At the center of town, the former grocery store and gas station has been remodeled into a restaurant and the former hardware store has businesses in its storefronts.

Here are some iPhone photos of Cammack from June 2012.

Above is the grain elevator, the focal point of the town but no longer in use. The wall of one section has collapsed/been knocked down.

The grain elevator’s tower in shadow looks kind of ominous.

Less so when well-lighted.

Rail lines served the grain elevator and conjure up an image of Indiana that’s familiar but endearing.

This rail siding isn’t used anymore, obviously, and is barely visible through weeds and other growth.

Several colorful tractors sit near the town’s center, emphasizing the area’s long agricultural history.

Cammack Station, the town’s relatively new and busy restaurant, is decorated with vintage advertising signs.


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